Sealeze Keeps Valuables Safe

Not only can Sealeze brush be used in factories and manufacturing plants, it can be used in everyday places like storage facilities.self-storage-units-iStock-475842662-800px

Keeping customer belongings dry and safe from the elements is a promise many facilities live by. Our brush can help keep that promise. With our custom design, Sealeze weatherseal brush can fit any size door and opening.

Our brush can be made with different materials like nylon or Polypropylene to get the tightest seal.

We know customer satisfaction is a big deal to storage unit owners and our brush can help with that. The weatherseal brush will keep out weather, air, pests, and any other critters from entering your customers’ units.

To learn more about Sealeze brush for storage facilities, please visit our information page.

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Door Seals for Mass Transit

Did you know every time you hop on a bus, subway or train you are protected by a brush seal? Pay attention next time you are on mass transit to the door seals – that is brush, possibly Sealeze brush.Mass Transit Brush Solutions

Our brush is custom made for various mass transit purposes, but the most common is door seals. Without brush, debris and air would make it’s way into the vehicle. Brush helps to eliminate this problem.

Our brush also solves following problems on mass transit:

  • Reduce Friction: brush is used that a seal is created without getting up in mechanisms.
  • High Abrasion Resistance: brush is able to handle the repetitive open and close of doors and other moving parts.
  • Wide Temperature Range: effectively seal in hot and cold conditions – even to 70° F to below zero.
  • Self-extinguishing: in the event of mechanical failure, the filament will not catch fire.

Mass Transit Brush SolutionsOur brush can be used to solve a variety of problems. Check out our transportation page to see some recent examples, or give us a call today to see how we can customize your solution at 1-800-787-7325.

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Wire Descaling

A proven, cost-effectivwiredescaling3e complimentary tactic that increases process efficiency and final wire product quality…is wire descaling brush.

In the process of drawing or forming wire, scale and residual lubricants are inevitable. If not managed effectively, they can have a significant impact on the overall operation of the line. The most common are:

• Incomplete scale removal or clinging fine Particulates

• Residual lubricants gumming up dies or wire straighteners

All of these can affect forming, final finish, or prematurely wear out dies… as well as, force line-speed reduction, and more frequent shutdowns to change worn parts or clean
critical points.

The impact of scale and residual lubricants on wire run ability and quality is greater than realized. On the plus side, these problems are relatively easy to manage without huge expense or re-engineering.

Wire descaling and cleaning brushes are a quick low cost way to optimize wire finish and increase line speed. They are installed in seconds with no special tools.

Wire descaling and cleaning brushes are a quick low cost way to optimize wire finish and increase line speed. They are installed in seconds with no special tools.

Depending on your objective, brush can:

• Quickly remove excess scale to improve traditional mechanical descaling processes
• Extend die life
• Easily remove excess lubricants and residue
• Improve uniform lubricant adhesion
• Enhance drawing and bending machine performance and reliability
• Optimize surface finish and brightness
• Reduce the costs associated with chemical descaling

There are specific brush types designed for each wire type, material and size, finish requirements, drawing operation, or final product configurations.


A few examples are:

• Heavy to light scale removal
• Bright wire, plate grade finishing
• Low and high carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and other
• Soap/lime/lubricant removal
• very light talc, copper dust or fines removal
• Continuous scouring
• Wet or dry environments
• Acidic or neutral baths
• Line speeds from 200 fpm (60 mpm) to 6500 fpm (2000 mpm)
• Cable and chain

wiredescalingEasy to install

Another advantage to the in-line spiral brush design is they change-out in seconds,
with the wire in place. Most operations allow the brush to ride free on the wire, while others choose to clamp them to a fixture.

Call Molly at 800.787.7325, she can talk about your wire descaling need or email: For more info check out our web page.


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Brush in Transportation: Wheel Wells

Sealeze provides a wide variety of staple set and strip brush assemblies for passenger vehicle, mass-transit, on-road transportation, heavy- and light-rail applications. Sealeze brush solutions provide safe, durable, cost-effective sealing and gap closing options that will meet all of your technical requirements.

Some examples that Sealeze provides in Transportation:

  • Gap seals for automotive OEMs
  • Shaft seals, some seal out dirt or lube
  • Tractor trailer wheel spray brushes
  • Roll-up door seals
  • Floor scrubbers & street sweepers
  • Passenger rail & transit bus door seals
  • Locomotive truck skirts

Today we will focus on wheel well brushes. Wheel brushes can be used for several different reasons:

  • On a tractor trailer wheel well, brush is used to make it more aerodynamic and keep debris from flying up.
  • On heavy equipment, brush can used in the wheel well to keep mud and debris from compacting around tires.
  • We have even put brush around wheel wheels for buses in Aspen to keep the snow from accumulating around the tire.

20160928_101538 20160928_101613

If you have a use for brush on a vehicle to keep debris, grime, snow and many other things. Please contact a brush expert at Sealeze to help with your application.

You can reach us at 800-787-7325 or email:

Brush can be used for sealing, guiding, shielding, positioning, cleaning and wiping for your transportation application.

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Power Gen International Conference & Exhibition-2016 in Orlando, FL.

Last week we traveled to Orlando with our Sealeze Power team. Pavan Ravulaparthy, Director of New Ventures shares his experience from the conference:

The trade show was very encouraging and Sealeze Power had an opportunity to showcase their efficiency improvement products.

We presented how Sealeze Power can partner with some of the major power generating companies to help improve their plant efficiencies with their innovative products offering quick ROI.

Pavan was able to meet many companies that would be able to use the Sealeze Power brushes.

To learn more about Sealeze Power, visit our website:

pgi-2016-p1 pgi-2016-p2

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Problem Solved: Glass Washing

For decades, glass manufacturers have cleaned their glass the same way: with a series of fast-spinning brushes. This basic practice continues to this day because it is simple and it works.

Of course, the brushes eventually wear out and need replacement. When this happens, glass makers must remove the brushes and their shafts from their washing machines and ship them to a brush company for re-wrapping a new brush onto their shafts.

While this process does work, it is not without problems:
– High shipping costs to send large, heavy shafts back and forth to the brush companies
– High manpower costs to keep track of the shafts and their replacements
– Wasteful machine downtime waiting for rewrapped shafts
– Risk of handling and shipping damage to costly shafts

staple-2Sealeze’s modular glass washing brush system solves these problems. You simply slide the worn brush segments off your shaft, slide replacements on, and get right back to work. Your shafts never leave your workshop. They stay right at your glass washing workstation. That’s right: NO MORE SHIPPING SHAFTS BACK AND FORTH!!!

Our modular brush system improves efficiency:
– Reduces shipping cost
– Reduces handling cost
– Reduces downtime
– Reduces risk of damage

Want to learn more about the Sealeze Modular Brush System? Call (800) 787-7325, extension 213; email; or visit

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Tradeshow Recap: MINExpo 2016 – International Mining Technology Show

img_0173 img_0174 img_0175The 2016 MINExpo show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on September 26-28th.  This year’s event, drew in a record breaking 43,000 registered guests from all over the world.  The convention centers North, Central and South Hall’s totaling more than 840,000 sq. ft. was shared by 1,900 exhibitors over the three-day event.

The Sealeze team of Richmond, Virginia presented their brush products for sealing and cleaning, belts and auger’s.  We also had on display, our unlimited capabilities with coiling and shaping the strip brush product into seals for shafts and cabinet pass-through’s.  We had a wide variety of shapes and styles using metal filament in both strip and staple set designs.  Also, one of our newer motorized display’s showing the installation of our “Auger – Flight” brushes used to improve efficiency of material handling augers.

Sealeze was the single representative in the show of a brush manufacturer.  We had a great response from the visitors, many of which were genuinely interested in how brush can help them in the mining industry.  We learned what the mining industry is looking for in brush technology, while sharing some of our technology and creative solutions to customer problems.  It was a great opportunity to spread the word of brush to another booming industry.

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