Meet the Team: Eliz

This month we want to introduce you to Eliz. She works in our weather seal department and loves helping customers everyday!eliz

What is your position with Sealeze?
I started working for Sealeze fourteen years ago.  I started as a temp in the Accounting Department and was hired on full time after 6 weeks as the Marketing and Trade Show Coordinator.  I held that position for 8 years then moved to our Weather Seal Department as a Sales Support/Customer Service Representative for the last 6 years.

What is your career/school background?
I went to Washington Business School and received a 4 year degree in Business.  While going to High School and then Business School I worked at my grandparent’s restaurant in DC.  After I graduated from Washington Business School I kept working at the restaurant and also got a job at George Washington University in the Smith Center.

I did Accounts Payable and Receivable for around 20 years and Payroll and HR for 11 years.

Tell us something you have learned since working at Sealeze.
At Sealeze I have learned to be versatile in my daily responsibilities.  I have many day to day obligations to fulfill and also answer the phones to help customers maneuver the website and ensure a pleasant experience ordering with us. I also assist two very busy Sales Associates, that change the course of my day on a minute by minute basis.

Tell us a time you helped a customer solve a problem.
Customers are the reason that Sealeze exists.  I help customers every day.  No one situation sticks out in my mind, but I enjoy helping customers decide which product will best suit their needs and most of all hearing them smile through the phone when we find a solution.

What you like to do outside of work?
I have a 12 year old son that is going into the 7th grade.  I love spending time with him. We enjoy church softball games, shopping and traveling to see family and friends.  He is so caring and helpful. I am truly blessed to be his mom.

I have been raising Golden Retrievers for over 20 years.  Some of the owners have trained them as service dogs and I have 3 that are currently at MCV Hospital in Richmond, VA and several that are used in retirement homes and adult special needs homes.  It is a lot of work and very rewarding.

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Meet the Team: Yolanda


Today we want to introduce you Yolanda, our awesome purchasing assistant.

What is your Position at Sealeze?IMG_0241

I have worked at Sealeze for 16 years.  When I started, I was assigned to the Industrial Department working on manufacturing our coils. I then moved to the Shipping Department, working on kits and weather seal orders as well as shipping orders via UPS and FedEx.  After seven years of working in the plant, I moved to the office and took the position as a Purchasing Assistant.  I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work in several different departments at Sealeze.  I have learned so much throughout the past 16 years.

What is your school/career background?

I graduated high school in Honduras, then took two years of classes in graphic design. After finishing the second year I started working for a printing company as a graphic designer. I then went to work for IBM in Honduras as an administrative assistant.  I moved to the United States in 1998, and worked for a factory in downtown Richmond, Virginia in the Inventory Department for one year then received a position at Sealeze.

Tell us about a time when you help a customer solve a problem: 

My customers are internal and vendors.  I receive and post the material promptly to ensure the customer will receive their manufactured product on time.  I make sure the office supplies are readily on hand, so that copiers, printers, label makers etc. are always working properly. I am also fluent in Spanish and English and assist Spanish speaking customers when placing an order.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have 3 wonderful children, one son and two daughters. My son is the oldest and lives in New Jersey with his wife and they have given me two beautiful grandsons. My daughter is 20 and lives close to me and I enjoy every moment that I spend with her. My youngest daughter is nine and she keeps me very busy with summer camps, soccer, swimming and basketball teams.

My husband and I have a place at the Wicomico River. I enjoy being there on the weekends and spending time with my husband and youngest daughter and many friends and family. We enjoy fishing, crabbing and going out in the boat.  I also enjoy watching classic western movies and dancing.


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Are you having issues keeping pests where they belong?


Pests and bugs only belong one place – outside! With the heat index rising, these creatures want to cool off in your air conditioned space. Our weather seal brush can help you seal gaps that allow pests to make their way into your business.door_sweep

Sealeze high-density pest control brush is made from thousands of nylon filaments that form a dense barrier. It is made to be installed around all types of entry, overhead and commercial doors to reduce light, sound and odors that attract pests. Our brush will also keep the cold air in, which will lower your cost to run your air conditioner on these hot days.

Sealeze pest control brush is tough. When properly installed, our brush products last for years in many applications. Even in temperatures ranging from –30°F to +150°F, where other seals would likely break down and fail, Sealeze pest control brush remains flexible and effective.

From entry doors to overhead and commercial doors, we offer different filaments and holders depending on your needs.

Visit today to learn more.

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Meet the Team: Steve

This week on the blog meet Steve, one of our awesome machine operators and Navy vet.Steve

What is your position with Sealeze?

I have worked for Sealeze for 4 years as a machine operator.

What is your career/school background?

I graduated from Marshall Walker High School in Richmond, VA. After high school, I went into the Navy and served my country for 7 years. It was a great experience and I am appreciative for the capabilities and skills learned during those years.

After the Navy, I worked for O&K Escalator’s manufacturing escalators and elevators.  Then I enrolled in ECPI and upon graduating went to work for Thomas & Betts building data switches.

What has Sealeze taught you during your time here?

Since working at Sealeze I have learned the skill of running a coil machine. I take pride in my work and make sure every order I fulfill is made to exact specifications and great quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

What you like to do outside of work?

I have an Art Studio set up in my home.  I draw, sketch and paint. I design logo’s for businesses and tattoos. I am also an avid body builder and consistently spend time in the gym. Most importantly, I have been blessed with one beautiful, amazing, kind, hard-working and talented daughter. I am so proud to be her father.

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What happens after you place your brush order?

Ever wondered about the process behind your brush order?

Typically, once your order is placed it with a member of our sales team, it moves on to one of our engineers. From there they design something based on your needs. After that, they have to use one of our many machines to create your brush. From there, it’s just a matter of sticking it in a box and shipping it off to you!

Sounds quick right? Sometimes! Other times the engineers will go back and forth with the design of your brush. They are perfectionists and want to get it just right and that can require a few people getting involved.

Check out our most recent video. You can watch one of our most popular brushes, the cylindrical staple set brush, get made. The brush shown is made from crimped brass wire filament and a PVC substrate. Pretty cool right?

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Meet the Team: Sara S.

What is your position at Sealeze? Sarah
I am the Purchasing Manager.

What is your career/school background?
I graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in History, spent a month backpacking around Europe, and came to work at Sealeze in June of 2000. After 2 years in Customer Service, I moved into Purchasing.
I hold a CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) and CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) designation. I am also a trained Internal Auditor for ISO 9001, and a Virginia Notary Public.

What’s the one accomplishment at Sealeze you’re most proud of?
I am most proud of the relationships I’ve built with vendors and internal customers over the years. I have acquired a lot of “tribal knowledge” of materials and applications by working with experienced professionals inside and outside the brush industry.

What you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with my sons and my husband, baking, watching college basketball and football games (go ‘Hoos!), boating on the Chesapeake Bay, and cartwheeling across the beaches of the Mid-Atlantic.

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Sealeze Collaborates with VCU

At Sealeze, we are always on the quest to deliver superior quality brush solutions. This year, we were lucky enough to partner with a group of VCU Senior Mechanical Engineering  students to help us do just that.

Meet this year’s VCU interns:


Cory Bleistein, Dylan Dawson, Anton Rabinky and Marshall Smith

Dave Chrisman, one of our Sealeze team members that was part of the program recapped the program for us:

Sealeze signed up for a second year of working with VCU School of Engineering Senior Mechanical Design Project students.  For the previous 2014-2015 class, a machine attachment was designed and built to successfully make large external brush spirals.  Early in the Summer of 2015, the new team contacted us about wanting to proceed with the project we had submitted.  That project was to develop an adjustable winding mandrel for our brush-winding lathe for the smaller diameter external brush spirals that cannot be made with last-year’s device.  The purpose was to minimize the need to continue making different diameter mandrels to suit a particular customer order and also lessen the amount of time needed to make setup adjustments.

The Sealeze Team members had many meetings at our facility with the students as the project progressed.  It was a challenging assignment, but the students proposed a concept early in the process that resulted in a working, adjustable, 3D-printed prototype.  They were very knowledgeable of the design process already, and this joint effort sharpened their skills even more as they dealt with force and stress analysis as well as materials properties and mechanics with a multi-body assembly as we gave input on the many varied aspects of the design.  This effort will be a valuable tool to Sealeze as we continue to improve our capabilities in this area and we believe that the students found it a valuable experience as well.

VCU presented their project a few weeks ago with great success. Our Sealeze team made up of Dave, Milo Hairfield, Jason Shephard  and Rick Weaver, as well as Dr. Charles Cartin, the VCU Faculty Advisor could not be more thrilled with this fine group of students!



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